5 things a bride thinks about when walking into the venue!!

  1. Good GOD! Who the hell has their foot on my lehenga!?!


     2.  Oooh! GIFTS!


     3.  Is there a world beyond these spotlights…


4.  What’s for dinner…


5.  Oooh! What’s for dessert…


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Your Winter Skin Care Problems Solved!!

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Winter is here!!! It’s time for day trips, boots, jackets and well dry, itchy skin and not to mention dandruff. Those total dampeners to a perfectly good season. For someone with dry skin this weather is pure hell, but even those of us with oily skin have skin troubles. Our guide to charming skin in winter is all about hydration; with a little planning and simple ingredients from your kitchen… it’s time to fall in love with winter all over again. Aannddd this time without the services of a beauty parlour.

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  1. Hair: The number one problem across the board in winter is dandruff. Turns out this can be caused by multiple reasons, from plain dryness to infections caused by an increase of bacteria in the scalp.


In ordinary coconut oil (200ml), mix 20 drops of tea-tree oil, heat and apply to scalp and hair (for at least, 20 mins), before you wash your hair. If your scalp is dry and get itchy you can try adding jojoba oil to the mix… it will help keep your scalp and hair hydrated for longer.

giphy (17)

If you have a really oily scalp and prefer not to use oil then each time you wash your hair add 4-5 drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo and massage into scalp.

giphy (29)

2.  Face: In winter more than in summers, day creams might not be the way to go. For one, they attract dust and will leave you feeling dry all over again. We recommend using a face scrub regularly, to remove dead skin and using an intense over night cream. To hydrate your skin for the day, try a 20 minute plain honey pack for face and lips.


3.  Body: More than products, or packs, its essential to moisturise and then cover up. The dry air sucks the moisture out of skin like the last bit of milkshake with a giant straw…sllluurrrppp!!! It also helps to add coconut or olive oil to your body wash.

giphy (3)

Lastly, try and avoid super hot water baths… they dry up the skin and will make your skin flaky. After bath, use a soft towel and pat dry your skin to keep the natural oils from your skin intact.


The cold weather is the perfect excuse to cover up, what is not behaving, beanies and berets, socks and gloves, jackets and scarves… plus covering up might actually be the one real cure to all your wintery beauty woes. At this point we would like to end with diet dos and donts but really, its winter, and your body is burning calories keeping its self warm, so as long as your workout is on point it’s time to get back to enjoying the bounty of winter…fruits, veges, sun and all.

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5 reasons why compliments are the worst thing ever!

1) They force you to return the compliment or end up looking like a mean schmuck.




2) It makes you wonder if you’re genuinely looking good or if it’s a prank.


3) It makes everyone stare at you and judge you from head to toe, inside out.


4) The next time you wear whatever got you a compliment, you’re stewing in suspense until you get another one.


5) The next time you wear whatever got you a compliment, you end up ‘not caring’ if you don’t get one.





Skin care on a Shoe-String Budget

There are times in one’s life when skin care takes a back seat, purely because of financial constraints. WE THINK NOT. Skin care is the birth right of every girl and woman and in our continuous endeavor to make it accessible to you guys we found some home remedies for the really tight purse…have fun and be beautiful!!!

1) Dry skin/ combination: Use Honey (just plain) as a face pack, keep for 20 minutes, gently massage off with warm water. You can do this literally everyday!!! A 100 gms bottle is Rs.50 and will last you a few months and earn us much goodwill.


2) Oily skin: Once a day wash your face with thick paste made with baking soda and water. It counters oil build-up and is anti-bacterial to prevent pimples. You can buy 100gms for around Rs.20, and you are sorted for atleast 2 months.


3) The Miracle skin cream: Soframycin, yes the same cream you apply on wounds and cuts. The anti bacterial properties combined with its quick healing make it a miracle overnight cream. If you have dry skin feel free to use it as a day cream too. Rs.20 a tube, should last you a month.


4) Body lotion: A combination of glycerin and rose water is one of the healthiest potions for your skin. Depending on your skin type, you will have to work out the proportions. Remember the dryer your skin the more glycerin you will need. Store in a spray bottle for easy application. Glycerine is cheap about Rs. 10 a bottle, but rose water is a little steep. Our tip: Don’t buy rose water in a spray bottle, or better still, use plain water… it works just as well!


Now read this last part out, Loud and Proud: Having glowing skin is our birth right, and no paycheck should ever ever ever stand in the way of pampering it.

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Fastest Mani-Pedi Ever!!

As much as we love socializing mid-week, it’s not the most opportune time to look ones presentable best. Skin and hair quick fixes are dime-a-dozen, it’s that long relaxing mani-pedi that never gets done. So we stepped into our lab (read: bathroom) and spun up these concoctions that will leave your hand and feet looking like a million dollars in record time.




Presuming you have already washed your hands and patted them dry, now mix a teaspoon of granulated sugar, with a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil. Use this mixture to massage your hand, cuticles, use warm water to rinse your hand, and believe it or not… that is IT!!!



1. Wash feet thoroughly, with soap and water and scrub off dead skin with a pumice stone.

2. Measure out glycerin and coconut oil in equal quantities, shake mixture well (mixture can be made and stored), use a cotton swab to apply all over your feet. Wear a pair of old cotton socks, for not less than 20 minutes. Remove socks and marvel!!!

Now taking for granted that we can all navigate a nail polish brush, and everyone has a bottle of their favorite shade in quick-dry… That’s a mani and a pedi in under 30 minutes…at home!!!

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Look like a pataka in 20 minutes or less


Diwali is a wonderful, wonderful time. The slight nip in the air mixes with the palpable excitement to give a heady feeling. Festivities kick off at least a week in advance and last well until the old year gives way to the new.

However, Diwali also brings with it a ridiculous amount of work. There’s cleaning and cooking, shopping and wrapping, welcoming guests, shopping, packing and planning for trips, shopping, doing up the house, shopping and just for good measure, some binge eating and drinking. In the entire frenzy, there is precious little time left over to doll yourself up for the celebrations.

This Diwali, we give you some tips to look like a pataka in 20 minutes or less.


Now, adding a pair of swanky stilettos might seem like the thing to do but we recommend a pair of mojris, in deep brown or black with a little golden threading. These puppies are so beautifully Indian that anything else is just not the same thing. The minute you sleep your feet into this comfy pair, the cake is pretty much baked and all you need is a wee bit of icing.

Three words for that – KEEP. IT. SIMPLE.

Dab your eyes with a spot of gold or bronze eyeshadow. Festive? Yes. Ridiculously easy to find? Yes. Ridiculously easy to apply? YES!


Top that off with a bold black eyeliner and kohl combo. Blink seductively at the husband/boyfriend/cute neighbour and his slightly dazzled look should be compliment enough. You can choose to add a teensy little bindi or big, bold one. If you do choose a small one, add a pair of wicked chaand baalis and a matching maang tikka to complete your look. A big kadaa should take care of those delicate little wrists of yours.


As for those beautiful tresses, let this holiday season be a respite for them too. Forget about straightening, crimping and curling. Work around the maang tikka and fashion them into a simple, slightly messy bun at the nape of your neck. Add a bright little hair sticker, scrunchy or pin and let nature take its course. Your hair are going to end up surprising you to no end.

Before you step away from that lucky mirror, give your lips a little push with a bright scarlet matte lipstick or a glittery nude lip gloss. Pout, blow a kiss, pinch those cheeks HARD and get ready to rock the night you sexy pataka!

Don’t fret over draping a sari or accidentally taking out an eye with the safety pins. Team a pair of short palazzo pants with a long anarkali or achkan top. Loosely drape a dupatta around your shoulders and you’ve got your regal look, bang on! Use brocade or silk for a subdued but elegant look. If it’s too warm for these fabrics, pick out something which has bootis made against a super bright background.

5 Myths About Women Noone Told You

1. Our night outs are nothing like this.

Pillow Fights

They’re more on the lines of


A little bit of


And a decent bit of

Teenage Girls Checking Out Boy by Pool --- Image by © Artiga Photo/Corbis
Teenage Girls Checking Out Boy by Pool — Image by © Artiga Photo/Corbis

2. We fart. Yep. We do.


And we particularly love blaming it on YOU!


3. We. LOVE. Porn.


4. Sometimes we use our periods as an excuse to get away with OD’ing junk and Being grumpy

Misusing Periods

Misusing Periods 2

5. If this helps us get our work done,


We will do it!


I let my body hair grow and the results were shocking!

It began on a Monday, as such things usually do. I was broke, bummed and due for a wax. I didn’t go for it. Not then. Not for another 4 months. What ensued was chaos! Of the worst kind!

BADA-BA-BOOM *click click*(Adam’s Family Soundtrack)


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And then people at work began to notice.

  1. The Boss-Woman was her regular sweet self


  1. So was The Office Hot Stuff


AAAARrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh! I HATE her!


Now who really hairs cares about them right? But oh good GAWD! My own people weren’t far behind.

  1. Pretty unintentionally a night of passion with The Boyfriend turned into Nightmare on Shin Street.5
  2. The Sister of my Soul didn’t pass up this chance to make me feel great

ezgif.com-add-text (1)

Photo Credits

  1. And the Father puffed up with whole- hair hearted pride and enthusiasm.6
  2. While The Mother was her usual comforting self. Running her hand through my hair. On the chin.


  1. Unfortunately, I am pretty certain I’ve scarred The Dear Friend for life. She hasn’t called me ever since.


But the real test for what was fast changing from my usual laziness into a social experiment was the attention I got from The Roadside Romeos. Aah! Those sweet lecherous men with nothing but disrespect for my privacy and self-respect.


Know what they did!?!

They ignored me! The beggars had become choosers and they hadn’t chosen me.

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There was of course just one thing left to do…

ezgif.com-add-text (2)

Photo Credits

The catcalls are back by the way. But unfortunately, I can’t audition for the Adam’s family anymore! 😦

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Accessories to save the (bad-hair) day

The monsoons are a time of mane-events of a disastrous nature. These are nightmares you don’t need to deal with on Monday mornings or for that matter Saturday evenings. Here are a few hair accessories that will help tame your monkey-chi.

  1. The JudaPin: Choose wooden to go desi, metal or bone for a more professional look, or for the I-dont-care college vibe… stick a pencil in your bun.

judapin BigStylist Big Stylist Beauty Spa services in Mumbai

Photo credits: Juda Pin

The only restriction with the Juda-pin is the length of your hair. You will need at least shoulder length hair for the pin to hold.

  1. Scarves: Can be worn in multiple ways: the simple sixties headband, a biker chick bandana, or even a turban.

scarf BigStylist Big Stylist beauty spa services in Mumbai

Photo credits: Scarves

We recommend sticking to cotton options to avoid further agitating your unruly hair.

  1. Hats: The fedora or a beanie only. Save the floppy sun hats for the beach and Ascot. In the monsoons we recommend keeping it slick.
Hats BigStylist Big Stylist Beauty Spa services in Mumbai
  1. Bobby pins: The simplest most easily available solution (also probably the one your mom suggested).
BigStylist Big Stylist Beauty and Spa services
Judaa Pins

Photo Credits: Bobby Pins

Think of them as tiny disciplinarians for naughty (pun-intended) hair.

And in case none of these work, you can always resort to Monica’s beads and entertain everyone with the dance !!


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World through funky colors – Afflelou Sunglasses collection

Summers are here and what pains you more than the merciless solar rays hurting your eyes! God bless the person who invented sunglasses. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays (which are extra abundant in summers) and keep your eyes cool, despite the scorching heat outside. In most parts of india and the world, you cannot venture out of your house during summer months without a pair on. Alain Afflelou (a French optics brand) has released a new series of Sunglasses this summer – with colored lenses. And if you ran your imagination and just thought of blue/ brown/ black or even golden, you need to run it a little wilder. With colors ranging from sea blue to rose to bright green, these will put even our very own Chulbul Pandey to shame! But funky colors or not, we really liked some of them. We present to you our favorite picks from their online collection.

  • Sestao – this one is really classy. Cool and elegant – deadly combination. Comes in a range of metallic and plastic frames with both fun and sober colors.

     Beauty and Spa in Mumbai Big Stylist

  • Ricky – Sporty college look, perfect for young girls. The blue one can even give you the innocent school girl air! Small rectangular frame can be perfect for people with small rectangular faces!


  • Brooklyn – If you are not that funky types, try this one. Its simple yet different. The blue frame with blue lenses will still make you stand out but will let you avoid those over-gazing eyes.


  • Dwiggy – If you love aviators, this will rock your senses into oblivion! The bright green lenses seem like straight out of a beach scene! Sport one on your next Goan holiday.

BigStylist Beauty and Spa services in Mumbai Big Stylist

  • Napoli – Subtle yet flashy. I will wear it to any picnic or outing. The pink frame gives a fair amount of cute girliness and the bold lenses give you the vintage European taste!

BigStylist Beauty and Spa services in Mumbai Big Stylist

  • Brenda – I would say this is most elegant of the lot. The blue lenses still stand out with the big frame, but you can carry it anywhere. Go shopping, visit your freinds or an office trip, you will be the talk of the day, rest assured!

Brenda Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but we even tried them on, through their online trial feature. Have a look! BigStylist Beauty and Spa services in Mumbai Big Stylist Go on, give it a try yourself and post your favorite one in the comments below! The link is here: http://www.alainafflelou.fr/Presentation-de-l-essayage-en-ligne,455445.html Its in French, so you might need google translate. In case you still have a problem, post here and we will be glad to help out (we do know a little French 🙂 ). Better still, get one during your next trip to Paris! Won’t that be really cool?!